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The following is a list of links. I've tried to vary them a bit to cater for all tastes. But if you still don't like them, then you can F**K OFF!

Rip-off Britain
You might want to hold off on your asylum application for the time being. It's true, Blighty is the most ripped-off country in the world! GASP at the outrageous price of our fuel, CHOKE at the cost of our food and PISS YOURSELF LAUGHING at the cost of a new car.
Coming Attractions
The best movie site on the web! Amaze your friends with your knowledge of movies that are in production or yet to be made. It's all here. Check it out!
The Brains Trust
The funniest site on the 'net since People Against Poodles! Many's the time the tears have been squeezed from my eyes in strained fits of laughter. Wickedly acerbic and satirical. If this doesn't make you laugh, nothing will.
British humour at its best! What else can I say, it's THE DOG'S B****X!
Mullets Galore
Satan's own haircut! The Mullet! Spawned in the 70's, cultivated in the 80's and lost in the 90's. Just what were they thinking?
Dean and Nigel Blend In
If ever there was an argument for mass sterilisation, this is it! Dean and Nigel are actually quite normal, but their town is full of crazed, demented, unbalanced freaks.

Big Brother
10 immature halfwits are locked up for 10 weeks from the outside world. Could this be done on a global scale?
Celebrity Dream
Ever had a dream involving Barbara Cartland, a cement mixer and ten tons of sausages? If you have, then Celebrity Dream might like to know....
Friends of the Earth
Some people out there care about the planet. Go and see how governments and big business are happy to destroy your world for short term gain. If you give a s**t, get out there and do something about it!!!
The Sun
The Tabloid Tease Meister! Consistently facile and inane view of the world. Laughable for its blatant titillation and outrageously untrue stories.

Have Fun!

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