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Coldplay - Parachutes

A fantastic CD!! Coldplay are a great band and this is their first album. It has the songs that made them popular, such as 'Yellow' and 'Trouble'.

Melodic, sometimes haunting and beautiful, their sound transcends the sometimes grating noise of indie guitar and takes it to another level.

If you've not heard of Coldplay before, you might want to check them out at Amazon and listen to them.
They've been compared to Radiohead and Jeff Beck. Quite possibly my CD of the Year!!

Billy Elliot

This is a great film. It's Oscar and BAFTA nominations were deserved. Not the kind of movie I would normally watch, but I have to say it touched my soul and moved me.
It's about a young lad in the North East who grows up with an amazing talent for dance. The story revolves around his family difficulties and his striving to break free from the constraints of his background and of society.
A triumph of the human spirit and will be in your memory long after the final credits roll.