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Spleen Vent's Rant at Evil Things!

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Boycott South Korea!!


Spleen Vent happened to see a documentary tonight on Channel 5. It did not make enjoyable viewing.

The South Koreans systematically, torture, butcher and murder 2 million dogs a year. The reality made for stomach-churning viewing. The cries and whimpering of caged dogs, some unable to move they were so tightly packed, is heart rending!

And this, from a country that is supposedly modern and humane?? The picture on the right was taken from a typical South Korean street market. There is also a market for cats where they are boiled alive in tanks. Dogs are deliberately tortured and made to witness the death of other dogs in order to cause a rush of adrenalin. Apparently, this improves the flavour of the meat!?!

If you want this brutality to stop, there ARE things you can do about it. Boycott anything that has been made in Korea, avoid all food produce from Korea and use the e-mail link below to voice your anger to the South Korean Embassy in London.

I will also place an icon on the Photo Page for you to show your support for the protest on your web page to stop Korea eating dogs.

Say NO to Dog Brutality!

Tell the South Koreans what you think about their practice of eating dog Korean UK Embassy